охрана на масови мероприятия, концерти, дискотеки, шоута


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"MVP Security" LTD has its own forces to react, trained, armed and equipped with all necessary means to carry out professional security.

Personnel is formed by officials passed a test for skills, with experience and qualifications to perform the specific activity of the company.

High quality in the security business, loyalty to the sponsor and close interaction with the Ministry wishes and make it the preferred partner.

Implementation of physical security is carried out by staff with expertise in specific activities. All security guards have undergone physical and psychological tests and training courses in first aid, fire, security protection in extreme conditions and actions in the terrorist attack.

The company implemented the enterprise (high quality) of the VIP personalities and events.

"MVP Security" LTD has permission to perform private security activity 1343 from 17.11.2008g.

"MVP Security" LTD continuously improve its professionalism, through experience and ongoing relationship with developments in the field of security equipment and security